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Our Services: Home Inspection

General Home Inspection

Our General Home Inspection is performed in accordance with both the "Standards of Practice" of the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). This ensures the most thorough inspection possible.

Your inspection includes:

  • The grounds immediately around the home for proper drainage and trees that may endanger the home
  • The exterior components of the house such as the roof, siding, windows, decks, gutters, chimney and flashings
  • The exterior and interior of the garage
  • In the attic, we check for signs of roof leaks, water damage, proper framing, and possible structural problems
  • In the basement, we look for signs of water seepage, dampness, proper framing, foundation cracks, and possible structural problems
  • We review all interior rooms for major problems with framing, doors, floors, and walls
  • Mechanical systems inspected include the heating system, air conditioning, hot water supply, electrical system, and visible plumbing
  • We spot check the appliances for proper operation

Wood-Destroying Insects

We are also licensed by the State as Pest Control Operators, so we can provide Certified wood-destroying insects inspections sufficient to satisfy VA, FHA, CHAFA, and mortgage company requirements.

Radon Testing

Radon testing is available using the latest and most accurate methods. We offer both E-Perm and Working Level Monitor Testing.

Water Testing

We offer all commonly required water tests for homebuyers that meet all FHA, CHFA, and mortgage company needs.

  • Potability Testing includes tests for bacteria, common minerals, hardness and other elements according to state regulations
  • Lead testing is recommended for houses constructed prior to 1978, which may have lead solder used in pipe joints
  • Well water can be another source of Radon entry into the home, so we also offer this testing
  • We can also arrange for a specialized testing of contaniments that are a concern in some areas of the state, such as Volatile Organics, Pesticides, and Heavy Metals

Septic System Evaluation

Our detailed septic system evaluations are conducted by affiliated, license septic contractors. The tank is pumped and checked for signs of cracks, proper baffles, and past flooding. The leaching fields are probe-far tested for saturation or failure. When possible, the records of the local municipality are checked for past repairs, upgrades or problems.

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