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Presale Inspection Program


RES-I-TEC, INC., one of the oldest home inspection services in Connecticut and Westchester County, New York, understands how unforeseen problems can unravel all your hard work.

We have developed a Presale Inspection Program which allows you and the home owner to learn about and decide how to address any major potential issues involving the building structure or key systems BEFORE you show the home!

The Concept

Today, just about every real estate sale will include a home inspection prior to closing the deal. Typically the inspection will take place a week or two before the closing date. If the inspection reveals a major problem, the sale may be in jeopardy, causing the sales agent to sell the house a second time to the buyer. Convincing a buyer at this point in time that all problems can be corrected may be difficult. Convincing the seller to make adjustments is also difficult.

How do you prevent this pitfall? The answer, a Pre-Listing Inspection. RES-I-TEC will perform a major component inspection of the property prior to listing it for sale. The major component inspection will evaluate just those items that may cause a sale to fall apart.

The RES-I-TEC Pre-Listing Major Component Inspection will include an evaluation of the following:

  • Roof covering
  • Heating system
  • Central air conditioning system (weather permitting)
  • Basement water seepage
  • Foundation and framing components
  • Attic insulation, ventilation, and framing components
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing system



  • Will help protect from failure to disclose
  • Gives seller a chance to correct problems or reflect them in the asking price
  • Prevents last-minute re-negotiations for unknown defects
  • Assures the sale will progress smoothly towards the closing


  • Discloses up front, major problems with the property
  • Prevents having to find another home due to unknown defects
  • Gives confidence that their decision to purchase the property was the right one
  • Provides a guide on future expenses in owning the property

Sales Agent:

  • Prevents a sale from falling apart at the last minute
  • Reduces the amount of negotiations that will take place between buyer and seller
  • Assures the agent that the property condition has been properly disclosed, thereby reducing chances of litigation later on
  • Prevents having to sell the buyer a second time because of unknown defects

How It Works

When taking a listing, explain the program to the seller and give them RES-I-TEC's toll free number to call (800-722-9998). We will arrange with the seller to conduct the inspection and when the inspection is completed, we will give the seller two copies of the report and one to the listing agent. A copy of the report is left on the kitchen or dining room table for any potential buyer to review before making an offer or ordering their own inspections. This prevents a re-negotiation of the asking price based on some unknown defect.

A potential buyer may still want to hire their own home inspector and this is positively acceptable. After all, everyone likes to have their own champion in their corner. You as the listing agent can relax in the confidence that a major problem will not turn up on those items that were included in the major component inspection.


In order to facilitate the marketing of your home, we will be having the home inspected by RES-I-TEC, Inc., a professional home inspection company. RES-I-TEC will contact you directly for an appointment.

This is an important part of the marketing program for your home, and we would like to implement the inspection process as smoothly as possible. This will require your assistance in getting the home ready for inspection.

The inspector will be looking over all areas of your home and its mechanical systems. In order for the inspector to complete the work properly, he or she must have access to all areas, including attic, basement, garage, and all equipment.

If the inspector cannot gain access to certain components due to stored materials or some other reason, the inspection cannot be completed. This will be reported as "not inspected" and may create a delay in the marketing of your home.

  • Water, heat, and electricity must be operational at all locations in order to complete the inspection.
  • If you have stored materials in the garage, basement, attic, or other areas around your home, try to consolidate the stored material in the center of the space so the inspector can at least view the perimeter areas.
  • The inspector will have to remove the electrical panel cover. If the cover has been painted or wall-papered over, or shelves or cabinets have been built over the panel cover, this material will have to be removed.
  • If there are any spaces in your home that are locked or boarded over, please open these areas so the inspection can be performed. Hatch openings to attic or crawl spaces must be easily opened and free from obstructions.
  • The inspector will need two to three feet of clearance around all equipment to properly evaluate it. Example: heating unit, water heater, air conditioning equipment, electrical equipment, etc.
  • The inspector will be collecting certain information about your home, and it would expedite matters if you can have the information ready.
    • Have you performed any additions or alterations on the home since you've owned it? (Alterations would include roofing work, plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.)
    • If you have performed any of the above, on what date was the work performed? Was a permit issued by the local authority? Was a Certificate Of Occupancy issued by the town for the work?
    • What is the approximate age of the home and mechanical equipment?


  • All utilities must be on and operational
  • Consolidate stored material in center of space
  • Clear access to electrical panel
  • Unlock or open all spaces for access
  • Provide two to three feet of clearance around all equipment
  • Permits and Certificate of Occupancy for additions/alterations

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